The IDTA@JSI project has created this social media toolkit to help BIDLS-funded agencies develop and adapt social media messages that focus on HIV, STI, viral hepatitis, and latent TB service integration. The toolkit is designed for users of all skill and experience levels. It includes: (1) a review of the People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology (POST) framework for planning a social media strategy; (2) a set of sample social media messages aligned to various platforms; and (3) recommendations for adapting messages for different purposes and channels (including social media, email, web, and newsletters).

This toolkit will support BIDLS-funded organizations to:

  • Identify program goals for social media outreach and communication.
  • Create effective social media content.
  • Adapt sample messages for their own programs.

Click on the links below to download the full toolkit and accompanying worksheets.

Download the IDTA@JSI Social Media Toolkit for BIDLS-Funded Agencies (PDF)

Download the POST Worksheet

Download the Project Listen Worksheet