Expanding Access to HIV Care in Georgia’s Rural & Urban Settings

Part 2 of HealthHIV’s Telehealth Webinar Series. This webinar takes a close look at Georgia’s Tele-network, recognized as one of the most comprehensive public health telemedicine networks in the nation. Each of Georgia’s 159 counties is equipped with a telecommunication system that connects clients at their local health center to specialists, including for HIV care. The presenters of this webinar will describe the need for these innovative telehealth approaches to HIV care in Georgia, and illustrate how the state developed its telehealth infrastructure. Participants will gain practical strategies to develop partnerships that improve the reach of a telehealth program. The presentation will close with a discussion of reimbursement and the benefits associated with telehealth for patients, physicians, and payers. (Published Feb. 11, 2019. Slides not available.)




Provider Peer Learning

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