PrEP for HIV: The Basics & Beyond

A recorded webinar presented by New England AIDS Education and Training Center (NEAETC) in which Dr. Kevin Ard reviews how to prescribe and monitor PrEP. Using patient cases, Dr. Kevin Ard discusses unique considerations that apply to PrEP management for transgender people, serodifferent couples, those who are pregnant or trying to conceive, and adolescents. Through real-world examples, participants will learn how to incorporate PrEP into diverse clinic settings. This webinar is useful for both clinicians who are new to PrEP and those who are experienced PrEP providers, as well as administrators interested in a creating a PrEP program.




Clinical Providers


PrEP Initiation, Insurance, and Reimbursement

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  • Program Administrators
  • Transgender Women; Serodifferent Couples; Pregnant or Trying to Conceive; Adolescents
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