PrEP and PEP Action Kit

A Toolkit developed by NYC Health that is structured around these core HIV prevention practices:

  • Take a thorough sexual history from all patients as part of routine medical care. This includes asking about the HIV status of their sexual partners, as well as experiences of intimate partner violence and transactional sex, which are associated with an increased risk of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI) among women.
  • Screen and treat all sexually active patients for STIs based on sexual history and clinical guidelines. Offer PrEP to HIV-negative cisgender and transgender women if they receive a diagnosis of gonorrhea or early syphilis, as these STIs signal increased HIV risk among women in New York City.
  • Talk about PrEP and PEP with other HIV-negative patients at ongoing risk of exposure, and with HIV-positive patients who may have HIV-negative partners.
  • Prescribe PrEP and PEP according to clinical guidelines, or refer patients to sites that provide PrEP and PEP.


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PrEP Screening and Eligibility

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